Haru Ji & Graham Wakefield

Computational Biotopes

Haru Ji & Graham Wakefield, Archipelago

Though the search for inspiration in nature is timeless and immemorial, new digital tools have modified its artistic expression by mixing it with technology. Haru Ji and Graham Wakefield present the diverse immersive reality of their artistic installations. These computer-generated, interactive ecosystems mix sensorial reminiscences of nature with an anticipation of our computational lives so as to form “artificial natures.” They do not create an opposition between the digital and the living, but rather constitute a material means of plunging deeper into nature’s essence. The immersive interface and its natural interactions invite us to become part of a networked structure of feedback from the world, inspired by the way that nature itself functions. In this way, they create “ecologies” that incorporate “quasi-life” via the programming of interfaces, limits, conditions, and rules. Neither completely programmed nor entirely random, they leave enough room for organic, evolutive, and self-determined growth.

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