Jeffrey Raven

Strategies for Urban Sustainability

Green and blue frames, Thanh Hóa, Vietnam, 2008

Urban density, though challenged by the pandemic, remains beneficial in mitigating sprawl. As urbanization nevertheless impacts the climate, the challenge, for Jeffrey Raven, lies in working on the actual shape and configuration of this density to make it sustainable and sound. Running counter to technological solutionism, this involves measures such as creating microclimates which provide ecosystem services following a holistic approach. He views the district as the proper spatial scale to operate at, due to its specific metabolism and because it is one of the most nimble scales to experiment at, through intermediate forms of governance. Architects gain a central role in coordinating synergies between the stakeholders involved, pragmatically understanding their interests, and, thanks to their skills in prototyping, offering a shareable narrative around “zero carbon” demonstration projects.

Soon available in open access.

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