Fly with Aerocene Pacha, Salinas Grandes, Argentina, 2020

Artists experience the shared condition of being both protagonists and victims of the Anthropocene, and therefore see their role dramatically altered. For Tomás Saraceno, the exceptionalism of the artist’s position matters less than the catalyzing of new ways of thinking and inhabiting the world. The aim is to find solutions by collaborating with humans and non-humans, as in his installation set up with Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, where spider intelligence took the forefront. Such new rituals of encounter with art endeavor to highlight relationships with the Earth that go beyond an ethic of extraction. With the alternative epoch of the Aerocene, Saraceno works along with an interdisciplinary community of artists, researchers, and citizens in order to break free from the Modern narrative of division and offer concrete alternatives, as with the experience of the flight of the Aerocene Pacha, in collaboration with the elements and local populations.

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