The interdisciplinary research group Life in the Making is composed of anthropologists, chemists, biologists, historians, and artists... who work on different research programs: "Anthropology of Life" (Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale, Collège de France), "Origins and Conditions for the Emergence of Life" (IRIS OCAV, PSL), Closed Systems and Modeling of Life (SYVIE, MITI CNRS), "Imitation of Living Beings and Modeling of Life" (IMOVIE, MITI CNRS), "Domestication and the Making of the Living" (DFV, CNRS/PSL site nursery).The project leaders are the anthropologist Perig Pitrou (CNRS- Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale, Collège de France) and the chemist Ludovic Jullien (CNRS-ENS-UPMC PASTEUR).