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July 18, 2023


Paris When It Sizzles: The City of Light Aims to Get Smart on Heat

"Making a city that is livable during extreme heat is the great urban engineering project of our time." For the Yale School of the Environment bestselling author Jeff Goodell, draws a vivid (and deadly) portrait of Paris under the heat, urging for the capital's necessary adaptation to climate change. But how to make Paris a more desirable, livable and durable city in the future?

Initiatives to adapt Paris to the challenges of global warming include PCA-STREAM's project to reshape the Champs-Élysées, lowering the avenue's temperature by several degrees by adapting it to new ways of living, working and moving around the city, thus fostering a new relationship with the living.

11 July, 2023


Centre Pompidou Francilien - Fabrique de l'Art / Musée national Picasso

We are honored to assist the Centre Pompidou and the Musée national Picasso-Paris in the creation of a new conservation center in Massy. A veritable tool-building dedicated to research and conservation of their collections, the Fabrique de l'Art is also a venue for artistic diffusion and mediation, offering an exhibition room, educational workshops and a speech-performance stage. Open towards the city and nature, it will become, in resonance with the Parisian institution, a new center of life for the people of Ile-de-France.

Discover the project in images!

July 4, 2023


What Leboncoin tells us about urban exodus

Alexandre Coulondre is a data and real estate market specialist and researcher at Lab'Urba (Gustave Eiffel University). To analyze the phenomena of urban exodus, he collaborated with Leboncoin, the french small ads platform, which provided him with the data needed to study local migration. A podcast to listen to, to question some of the much-mediatized theories according to which, in the wake of the pandemic, many city dwellers have left the metropolises!

Juin 29, 2023


La Source vive on show in Évian!

Designed by Philippe Chiambaretta and Patrick Bouchain, this new concert hall dedicated to chamber music will sit alongside La Grange au Lac in Neuvecelle. The organic shape of La Source Vive, its roof and its landscaped base help to blend the project into its natural and architectural environment. The two halls will work together to form a complementary ensemble.

9 June 2023


Stream Building offers urban vision for Paris and beyond

the Stream Building is a mixed-used structure based on sustainable architecture principles, housing office and commercial activities – the outcome of almost 15 years of studies by the studio's research arm, Stream Lab.
'What makes the Stream Building different is precisely that it is not just an office building,' says Philippe Chiambaretta, the Parisian studio's founder. 'The building is a mixed-use laboratory that stitches the city together.

A new concert venue in Évian


La Source Vive

La Source Vive: a new concert hall in Evian.
The result of a collaboration between architects Patrick Bouchain and Philippe Chiambaretta, La Source Vive is the result of an approach that combines sensitivity and science: its conch-shaped volume is the result of the search for exceptional acoustics and the desire to blend into a remarkable and preserved landscape.

Open to its territory, the project driven by Aline Foriel-Destezet is housed by the Évian Resort, in the immediate vicinity of La Grange au Lac. The two facilities complement each other and will be brought together within the same institution. They will offer a varied and continuous programme throughout the year, under the artistic direction of Renaud Capuçon.

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