STREAM is at the crossroads of innovative artistic researches, philosophical thinking and architectural design

An anticipation tool to address contemporary changes

STREAM conducts researches to explore contemporary mutations. The lab investigates a number of contributions from different disciplinary fields and creative practices on the major contemporary issues in order to understand, in a transverse and collective way, their consequences for the architecture and urban planning of tomorrow. It brings together philosophers, sociologists, artists, engineers, biologists, economists, and architects to crystallize a kaleidoscopic and forward-looking vision of the various issues it addresses.

Find here all our publications: the STREAM book-magazine, the digital magazine STREAM VOICES, and the books co-edited by the agency.


The research and innovation magazine that explores the making of the future city

Eager to share more generously the fruits of its collaborations and research, PCA-STREAM launches STREAM VOICES, its quarterly online magazine!

Filmed interviews, podcasts, articles, all in open-access formats on our platform to address the issues of an innovative architecture that must make, more than ever, the urban metabolism more sustainable, desirable and inclusive.