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November 18, 2022


Technologies and metabolic city

The notion of urban metabolism can be viewed in several ways. From a quantitative perspective, by considering flows; from a political ecology perspective, by considering social factors; and from an urban design perspective, by considering the sum of intertwined environmental and social ecosystems beyond administrative borders. In each of these approaches, urban technologies and the availability of data provide exciting prospects.

Discover the article by Urban AI's Emerging Leaders !

November 10, 2022

In a liquid world, what does the future hold for office buildings?

While the existence of the office building does not yet seem obsolete, the challenge remains to adapt office spaces to the new societal and environmental paradigms that are emerging. Reversibility, mixed-use construction and programming, and low-carbon design are all levers to be activated, as can be seen in the Stream Building project.

An enlightening article to be read in the IEIF's Réflexions Immobilières issue 100!

October 05, 2022


Discover 360, our new project located in Vanves !

Planting of the first tree of 360, our new project on the border of Paris and Vanves designed for Mata Capital!

360 is part of the Plateau district's revitalization. Its remarkable location and accessibility, at the head of the Périphérique, encouraged an ambitious rehabilitation to adapt the building to contemporary environmental issues and to new uses and work modes, while saving the carbon weight of a new building in a demolition-reconstruction scenario.

July 08, 2022


Histories and imagineries of climate change

Jean-Baptiste Fressoz is a historian of science, technology, and the environment. He contributed to popularizing the concept of the Anthropocene in France with his book The Shock of the Anthropocene, which he co-wrote with Christophe Bonneuil. With Les Révoltes du ciel [The Revolts of the Sky], co-written with Fabien Locher, he traces the history of our relations to climate change to put into perspective our contemporary vision of environmental issues.

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