Denis Macrez

Denis Macrez's work is less about sculpture than about erosion. It is less a question of giving form to matter than of giving life to strata of time. Borrowing as much from performance art as from craft skills, whether firing ceramics in the heat of a volcano or experimenting with enamels based on bone powder, each time it is an attempt to go beyond the framework of his practice to explore what lasts - what remains.


Elisabeth Bouchaud, Cyril Pressacco, Denis Macrez, Ana Hedan, Paul Vergonjeanne



Discover the inaugural lecture of the “Alma Matter” series! In a world where the myth of abundance is collapsing, this series of lectures looks at what matter really has to offer. Actors, professions, economies, temporalities, geopolitics: how do contemporary issues of creation take shape through those of matter? Each talk focuses on a particular material, and brings together its stakeholders in a dialogue. The use of stone in construction declined during the twentieth century. Today, its return is acclaimed for its qualities: inertia, durability, low-emission processing, local presence… but what techniques and applications will be used in 2024? As part of the City Metabolism Chair supported by the Université Paris Sciences & Lettres.


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